Party Poker March Madness Giveaway


The expression 'mad as a March hare' is not one that most people would usually associate with the world of online poker, however, many people will be left believing the staff at Party Poker have taken leave of their senses during their March promotions.

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Party Poker have always been an online poker provider who put the emphasis on fun, as opposed to other services such as Full Tilt; their March offer is simple and brilliant – a sure-fire hit with their regulars but bound to attract plenty of intrigued newcomers. Party Poker are giving their customers the opportunity to net themselves an impressive $3,000 in cash, as well as heaps of freeroll entries to be taken advantage of.

To participate in this unique offer, players are simply required to choose the tier of prize that matches up with their level of play, then earn enough Party Points to meet the ever-decreasing targets set over the month of March. But what's so unique about a points-based incentive system? The kicker in this lucrative deal comes from the fact that the value of the prizes up for grabs actually increases as the amount of Party Points required decreases! No wonder people have been questioning the sanity of the Party Poker promotions staff.

The offer is known the 'Play Less, Win More' promotion; any of Party Poker's customers are welcome to get in on the action – they simply have to choose their level of points to be accumulated, then match the targets set. Party Points can be amassed by competing in any of Party Poker's real money tournaments or ring games.

Those interested are advised to hurry, as it cannot be too long before somebody at Party Poker realises that this is an offer that's too good to be true.

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