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Poker Stars are the internet's leading online poker room; they have established a quality reputation for knowing how to give their customers exactly what they want – now they are offering their customers the exclusive chance to play against the one and only Daniel Negreanu...

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Daniel Negreanu is legends in the poker world, as well as being a exceptional Team Pro; now Poker Stars are opening 'Daniel's Room', which is packed with high-stakes cash game tables which have been designed by Daniel Negeanu himself.

This unique room gives Poker Stars customers the opportunity to pit their skills against, not only Daniel, but other budding high-stakes players too. Players can compete knowing that the structure of the entire game has been thoroughly endorsed by the one of the poker community's finest. Poker stars are calling 'Daniel's Room' the “ultimate test of poker skill”.

While competing in this exciting new competition, players are advised to bring their best game as there is also a chance to participate in a future Poker Stars television show, but only for the players who manage to suitably impress the man himself.

If the world of high-stakes poker is a little too high-pressure for you, there is no need to worry; Poker Stars customers also have the option to watch the drama unfold in 'Daniel's Room' by using the fantastic observer function. Furthermore, player can even talk to Daniel Negreanu while he is competing against challengers; this allows players with a particularly keen interest in the game to see how one of the world's best players handles himself, as well as providing a chance to ask any questions they like about improving their own abilites.

Poker Stars will continue to update the features and functionality of 'Daniel's Room', so those interested are advised to keep an eye on the Poker Stars promotions page for further details...

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