Can you enter Victor Chandler's poker hall of fame?

Victor Chandler Poker

There are few achievements that earn online poker players the highest level of respect amongst their peers; it now seems that Victor Chandler have laid one down for the online poker community, by challenging them to win their place in the Victor Chandler poker hall of fame...

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Victor Chandler highlight the purpose of their poker hall on their website, saying: “The Victor Chandler Poker Hall of Fame acknowledges and celebrates for perpetuity the achievements of our patrons in the world of poker and immediately rewards and honours all inductees for attaining such illustrious an accolade with a unique Induction Package.”.

Anybody who has frequented the poker rooms of Victor Chandler before will be very aware that their “unique induction package” offered to such lofty achievers will be something to look forward to... Fortunately, the package looks set to be of the usual high calibre, offering huge cash bonuses and entry into exclusive tournaments (both online and in the real world); truly impressive players also have the opportunity to secure themselves sponsorship for live tournament events – Victor Chandler are providing their players with the chance to boost themselves from amateur to professional poker players.

Of course, such extravagant prizes will not be easy to attain: “With such prestige as is attached to the Victor Chandler Poker Hall of Fame, induction is not an easy task but there are a number of ways in which induction can be achieved.”

Players can earn themselves a spot in the hall of fame by a number of means, such as winning Victor Chandler's regular SNG Leader boards, finishing first in a major live events while wearing an item of Victor Chandler apparel (such as a cap or hooded top), finishing first in an online tournament, or perhaps most difficult of all, beating Victor Chandler himself in the 'Beat Victor Live Final'...

Can you enter the Victor Chandler poker hall of fame?

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