Paddy Power Poker Five A Side Poker Championships

Paddy Power Poker

Paddy Power Poker are again flexing their mighty promotional muscles and giving their customers a chance to take part in one of the most lucrative games of Five A Side imaginable.

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Paddy Power Poker are showing exactly why they are thought of by many as the king of online poker promotions, by introducing the idea of cooperative poker playing into their promotional schedule. The idea behind the Paddy Power Poker Five A Side Poker Championships is simple; all players have to do in order to compete is get themselves a team and play their way to the Five A Side Poker Championship Final to stand a chance of winning a share of a massive $100,000. Players are linked together by their achievements in the Paddy Power Multi Table Tournaments and will receive points based on whereabouts they finish.

Registration for the competition is due to close on May 8th; in order to compete, a chosen captain for the team has to register for the competition on the exclusive Paddy Power Poker Five A Side Poker Championship microsite, selecting their team to compete in either the Gold League or the Silver League (Gold League tournaments are those with a $30+$5 buy-in cost, while the Silver League features tournaments with a $5+$1 buy-in). Even if players do not know enough people on Paddy Power Poker to form a team, there is no need to worry: players can register for the “first to arrive, first seated” level where they will be automatically be assigned a role within a Five A Side Poker Championship team.

The first event for the Five A Side Championship well kick-off on May 16th and will feature a total of eight separate events that will end on June 9th. The top 100 teams in the competition will qualify for the playoff-finals.

A complete breakdown of the tournament structure and details of the event can be accessed at Paddy Power Poker's promotions page.

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