Tightening of poker regulations in the US causes calendar changes

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The gaming industry in the United States has been in turmoil in recent months due to a crackdown in the regulation of gambling; this has had a great many knock-on effects throughout the gaming industry, particularly in the usual calendar of high-profile poker events.

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The changes that took effect on April 14th 2011, relating to poker websites operating within the United States, has meant that there has been a series of changes to both big online events, as well as live events that have previously been incredibly well promoted and filled up through various online poker rooms. Some have had to be rescheduled, some have been unaffected and some have even had to be cancelled altogether. The first of the casualties in the Onyx Cup, which has been completely cancelled; this was due to be a live buy-in event, featuring no less than six tournaments and was scheduled to start on May 11th. The prestigious tournament was to be held in Las Vegas with buy-ins ranging from $100,000 to $300,000, making it an incredibly lucrative tournament.

The North American Poker Tour has been another massive poker tournament to completely disappear; making it one of the biggest poker tournaments to be completely cancelled within recent memory.

Fortunately, one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world – the World Series of Poker – is still scheduled to go ahead. The event will be covered from start to finish by the American sports network, ESPN, with the first WSOP National Championship being held May 27th-29th at Caesar's Palace.

The shake-up in the United States has also had a direct effect on americans competing in the European Poker Tour; there is usually around 10% of americans making up the field, however, in the last event to be held (after changes in America) only saw 4% of the entrants coming from the United States.

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