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Despite the poker industry being in a state of flux at the moment, there are still interesting online poker rooms trying to entice customers with fantastic promotions – RedKings Poker are one such poker room...

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The tagline on RedKings Poker's promotions page states that “there's something for everybody”, which is an accurate description of what this superb online poker provider have managed to achieve with their selection of promotional offers. There are some great tournaments, bonuses and novel offers that are sure to bring a smile to the face of all kinds of poker fans.

RedKings Poker offer one of the best 'Bad Beat' promotions on the internet; these kind of promotions reward a poker player if they have lost a hand despite having top cards.

Usually, poker providers will only offer this promotion on hands that are pretty hard to come by (such as a full house with Kings over Queens), however, RedKings Poker will pay out a whopping $500 if a player loses a hand in possession of... Red Kings. Although these are fairly rare, it's a much more likely hand to come across than other operators are prepared to pay out for.

At RedKings Poker, there's still time to get involved in the biggest poker tournament in the world: the World Series of Poker. There are currently packages up for grabs to two of the events to be held this summer in Las Vegas; players can compete for their chance to take a seat in the Side Event 54, or the Main Event.

The total value for the Side Event 54  package is $3,600, while the total worth of the Main Event package is a whopping £14,500 – giving RedKings Poker customers the chance to make their mark on the most prestigious poker tournament in the world.

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