Can you help Paddy Power Poker find Freddie Mays?

Paddy Power Poker

The world on poker is renowned for having more than its fair share of 'shady characters'; usually these kinds of people are best avoided at the felt, however, tracking one in particular down could really pay off at Paddy Power Poker...

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Paddy Power Poker are offering a lucrative bounty on Freddie Mats; they describe him as an 'international man of mystery', complete with a price on his head.

Paddy Power Poker say: “Where in the world is Freddie Mays?! As an international man of mystery, it is almost impossible to tell.....well apart from Friday nights at 8pm that is! That is because every Friday at 8pm Freddie is playing in his very special Freddie Mays Bounty tournament on PaddyPowerPoker, with a $100 price on his head.”

There's a good reason why Paddy Power Poker have a $100 bounty on Freddie May's head; they do not believe that any challengers really have what it takes to knock this elusive character out of his 'Freddie Mays Bounty' tournament – they are even giving those who do the chance to prove that it wasn't simply a fluke. Those who do manage to dispatch Freddie Mays from the game will be given a free entry pass into the following weeks game, where they will feature as the second bounty of the game, having a $50 price on their own head – they do say that turnabout is fair play!

Paddy Power Poker aren't making it easy for just anybody to play against the marvellous Freddie May; customers will need an exclusive password to gain access to the event – fortunately, this can be obtained by checking out his Paddy Power Poker blog, where he is bound to let the password slip every week...

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