Phil Ivey receives further backing in consumer battle

Full Tilt Poker

Since the massive shake ups to the American online poker industry, people around the world have been gripped by the battle that has developed between poker legend Phil Ivey and his former sponsors...

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Ivey is considered to be a living legend by many within the poker community; he now faces one of the toughest challenges of his career, as he takes on the company behind the poker website that used to sponsor him. Ivey claims to be defending the rights of online poker player, as he has spoken out against the actions of Full Tilt Poker, who have refused to restore the funds of online players whose accounts were frozen when the company was indicted. This has led ti a refusal on Ivey's part to take part in the famous World Series of Poker tournament; he has also announced that he will be suing the company behind Full Tilt Poker for non-payment.

It appears that Ivey is not alone in his fight against the non-paying poker operators; his gesture has inspired other leading figures within the world poker community to show their support by also taking a stand. Another legendary poker player, Daniel Negreanu, has voiced his support for Ivey; he claims to admire Ivey's courage for giving up his place in the World Series of Poker – a competition that he described as being “so Important to him”. Other top poker professionals such as Eric Froehlich have also given Ivey their backing, however, not everybody has greeted the news of Ivey's actions with such a positive response.

Full Tilt hit back at Ivey's decision, labelling him as “sanctimonious” and his action as “frivolous”. Andrew Robl has also voiced his distaste for Ivey's actions, saying that he is “self-serving”; he also contrasted Ivey with Tom Dwan, who has promised to reimburse online players who have lost out with his own funds.

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