Full Tilt Poker continues its downhill decent

Full Tilt Poker

Things continue to go from bad to worse for former online poker giants Full Tilt Poker...

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Full Tilt Poker was hit hard by the now infamous 'Black Friday' events, which transpired in the United States earlier in the year. This led to their indictment by the government for breach of the laws concerning online gambling.

Soon after this, the company was rocked by a further development of events, as their poker superstar poster child, Phil Ivey, suddenly sued the company. Ivey claimed that his motivation for taking legal action against his former employers was brought about due to the fact that the company behind Full Tilt Poker had failed to reimburse its users with the money that was held in their accounts at the time of their indictment.

Now the bad news has continued to descend on Full Tilt Poker, as news has emerged that their license has been suspended and all of their current operations have been ceased.

The license has been suspended by the Alderney Gaming Commission, pending a hearing by the organisation. This latest development compounds the current woes that have beset the company, which include charges of fraud and money-laundering.

Both professional poker players and industry insiders have been affected by the case, which has had a knock-on effect throughout the global poker community. It has been extremely divisive, with people openly voicing their disdain or support for Full Tilt Poker and their actions.

With the results of the hearing by the Alderney Gaming Commission to come, as well as a long legal battle with Phil Ivey, it is certain that poker players and pundits from around the world will be keeping a close eye on further developments.

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