Full Tilt Poker players move to other poker rooms

Full Tilt Poker

In the wake of the catastrophic events that managed to capsize the operations of Full Tilt Poker, reports have started to emerge of increased traffic to rival online poker rooms...

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Full Tilt Poker was indicted by the United States Government following the events of the now infamous 'Black Friday', which shook up the online gaming industry in America. The incredibly popular online poker had its operations suspended after being indicted; they then had further bad news after having their gaming license suspended by the Alderney Gaming Commission earlier in the year.

The news came as a shock to online poker fans around the globe, as Full Tilt Poker represented one of the most popular and recognised online poker brands in the entire world.

Their troubles didn't end at the indictment; the company behind Full Tilt Poker also found themselves with legal action taken against them by former spokesman and poker legend, Phil Ivey. He claims that the reasons for taking out a lawsuit against his former employers lay in the fact that they had not paid back the money to players in frozen poker accounts. Full Tilt Poker are thought to owe their former players somewhere in the region of $150 million.

The demise of Full Tilt Poker has left a considerable hole in the market, and now that it looks like the struggling company is showing no signs of returning to its former operations any time soon, it seems that players who are eager to get a fix of their favourite online pastime are turning to other poker rooms.

With so many former customers now jumping what appears to be a sinking ship, the online poker industry will be watching to see where Full Tilt Poker's former clients end up with a great deal of interest.

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