Poker Stars announce VIP Mega Month

Poker Stars

Poker Stars are renowned for having one of the best VIP programs in the entire world of online poker. Now it appears that August is the month for those who are curious about it to finally get involved, as Poker Stars announce the beginning of their 'VIP Mega Month'...

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There's plenty to get excited about in the Poker Stars VIP program, and there are a great many people in the online poker community who would be ecstatic to reach their coveted Supernova Elite level. Those same people will be exceptionally pleased with the Poker Stars VIP Mega Month promotion, as it is finally their chance to attain this highest of levels.

All throughout August, Poker Stars will be allowing their customers to climb the VIP ladder at only a mere fraction of the cost that they would usually have to spend – a staggering 10%.

That means that players can get themselves on the fast track to becoming a 'Platinum Star VIP' member, with a relatively poultry 750 VPPs all through the month. Those aiming slightly lower can bag themselves a 'Gold Star VIP Membership' for only 300 VPPs, while a 'Silver Star VIP Membership' is an easily attainable 75 points. The usual cost of Gold and Silver Star Memberships would be 3,000 and 750 VPPs respectively.

Climbing the VIP rankings at Poker Stars brings numerous benefits to players, such as providing more Frequent Player Points (FPPs) for exactly the same amount of play. Also, the higher the level of the VIP, the more access that they have granted to them for items on sale in the Poker Star's VIP store. FPPs can be redeemed for prizes such as cash bonuses that have a greater value than usual.

All these fantastic offers are only available during August, so those interested had better act fast and head over to Poker Stars.

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