Online poker players experience the best 'bad luck' ever

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If you have ever enjoyed a game of online poker, you will be aware of the total frustration that can be felt when losing out on a hand that you felt had a 'certainty' of winning...

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Fortunately for some online poker players recently, they had their bad luck turned around, thanks to the IPN Bad Beat Jackpot. The promise of the jackpot has been causing quite a stir in the online poker community and now the hype has finally been realised as lucky winners have been able to capitalise on what could have been very bad luck indeed.

The company behind the International Poker Network (IPN) and their online poker platform, GTECH G2, has now revealed that winners have finally been awarded their elusive 'Bad Beat Jackpot'.

The lucky winner was awarded a cash prize of no less than $640,696, or 442,954 Euros.

The jackpot has been a long time coming, however, it was a player from Finland (known by the pseudonym 'OmgoMgomGo') who eventually captured the superb prize, by losing with a hand that contained four Kings. The player who trumped him (known as '7Adelaida7') took home the modest total of $320,391 or 221,477 Euros – meanwhile, the rest of the players that were involved in the special hand walked away from the table with a cool $45,766 or 31,639 Euros.

“I had two Kings and all the money went in pre-flop,” said ‘OmgoMgomGo’

“Once I hit my quads and saw the second Ace come on the river I was hoping that my opponent had hit their one outer. I was so happy when I realised it had happened. I still cannot believe it.

“The atmosphere at the table when it hit was great and I would like to thank all of the players and the staff for their best wishes. As for what I am going to do with the cash, I am planning to buy a house, a car and will certainly be partying hard.”

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