Full Tilt Poker players still unable to access their money

Full Tilt Poker

It seems that the saga surrounding Full Tilt Poker and their players is one that refuses to be put to bed, as details emerge of the failed means that some former account holders have been using to attempt to access their funds...

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Full Tilt Poker were at the centre of events known as 'Black Friday' and 'Blue Monday', which saw the United States Government take legal action against several high profile online gaming operators. The US Government seized the domain names of the online gaming operators, as well as indicting them and bringing criminal charges, such as fraud, against them. Full Tilt Poker were one of the surprising inclusions in this effort from the US Government, particularly as they were the second largest online poker provider in the world at the time.

When the actions were taken against Full Tilt Poker, the accounts of all the players that were currently active with the company, had their funds frozen. This led Full Tilt Poker's former spokesman and poker legend, Phil Ivey, to file a lawsuit against the company – the poker star claimed that his motivation for doing so was an attempt to get back the funds that Full Tilt Poker failed to reimburse their customers.

Former players at Full Tilt Poker are still unable to access their money, despite attempting to do so by a variety of means.

Although Phil Ivey has dropped his legal action against his former employers, there has been a class action lawsuit brought about by several poker players in the US. This means that Full Tilt Poker will have a wave of legal action against them for some time.

The poker community worldwide will be keeping an eye on the drama surrounding the fallen poker giants with great interest during the upcoming months.

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