Rumours grow of possible Full Tilt Poker sale

Full Tilt Poker

It seems that the story of Full Tilt Poker is one that refuses to go away, as yet more interest is sparked over news of a potential deal being reached for the sale of the shamed poker company.

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There have been fresh rumours emerging in recent days that a new deal is being struck between Full Tilt Poker and Playtech (the prolific gaming software providers), 888 Poker and Bwin – the deal is currently thought to be in the negotiation stages.

It is believed that the rival companies will be looking to buy up the struggling poker brand, which used to be the second biggest online poker provider in the world; unfortunately, the events of 'Black Friday' in America hit the operator hard, as the United States Government indicted them over claim of illegal money handling.

The news of the possible deal will be of great interest to the thousands of former Full Tilt Poker players who have been left out of pocket, thanks to Full Tilt Poker freezing the funds on their account following their indictment. Full Tilt Poker is thought to owe its players a whopping $150 million, with many legal actions thought to be brought against the company. Even former company spokesman and poker legend, Phil Ivey, turned against his employers and began legal action; although this was supposedly done on behalf of the aggrieved players, it later emerged that Ivey was enormously in debt to Full Tilt Poker and the legal action was soon dropped.

The global online poker community will be watching how the potential Full Tilt Poker sale progress with great interest; particularly those who still have money tied up in the website – a sale could mean a higher chance of them finally recovering lost funds and putting an end to the ordeal.

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