Viktor “Isildur1” Blom tops online poker win list

Poker Stars

Although the 'nosebleed' section of online poker has been rumoured to be suffering of late, it seems that not everybody is noticing – particularly Victor “isildur1” Blom.

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The talented young Scandinavian has been putting his poker playing efforts into overdrive during the past month and he has amassed $500,000 while playing in a whopping 9,000 hands.

The winning streak has been one of the best that Blom has ever had and has given him an extremely sizeable profit. PokerStars has helped to cement his name as one of the best online poker players currently involved in the sport.

Despite the hot streak, some critics have suggested that it may not last very long and have suggested that the Swedish player is capable of losing similar amounts just as easily as has accrued them.

Whether the critics are right or not, the winning streak of Blom's has helped to show that the top flight of the online poker circuit is far from gone. Industry insiders had recently been speculating that the highest levels of online poker had begun, and would continue, to dry up in the wake of the events of 'Black Friday' in the United States.

Although the days of six-figure hands being played on PokerStars seem to be gone for now, there is clearly strong professional level still in force, which could easily have not been expected following such a shaky and tempestuous few months for the poker industry as a whole.

Meanwhile, other top online players who have been enjoying some superb runs of late include Phil Galfond and Ilari Sahamies, both of whom of whom have had huge runs which have seen them combine to earn around $700,000.

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