Shuffle Master to purchase Ongame poker network

The online poker industry is one which is constantly undergoing changes; this is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down within the near future...

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The latest in the changes to the online poker landscape comes from American casino equipment giant Shuffle Master. It is widely expected that the company will be purchasing the Ongame poker network from online gaming industry market leaders The report comes from a highly reputable source in the form of popular British newspaper 'The Sunday Times'.

It is believed that the rationale behind the purchase is one that firmly has the future of the American online gaming industry in mind; industry analysts think that the latest buy from Shuffle Master will set them up nicely should online poker finally be legalised within the United States.

The Ongame poker network has been up for auction for the past year; this came as a result of the merger between bwin and Party Gaming, which took place back at the end of March last year.

The new potential deal between and Shuffle Master has been raising some eyebrows within the online poker industry; this is mostly due to the apparently low price tag attached it – a mere £13 million. Despite this, have declared that the Ongame poker network is 'surplus to their requirements' and that it is 'no longer needed' by the company – whatever the reason, this is very good news for Shuffle Master.

Currently, the Ongame poker network is the sixth largest in the entire world (in terms of cash players); it is thought to play host to a seven day average of around 2,150 players.

The online poker industry will be surely be keeping tabs on the potential sale in the upcoming weeks. For now, why not check out our great online poker bonuses?

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