French investors still 'optimistic' for completion of Full Tilt Poker deal

Full Tilt Poker has been shrouded in turmoil during the course of the last year; however, its potential new owners say that they remain optimistic that a deal to complete its sale can eventually be seen through...

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The Bernard Tapie Group have been in the frame to make a purchase of the shamed online poker provider for many months now; despite this, the completion of the deal has been hampered at many stages as a result of new details emerging about the increasingly checkered past of the company. The latest revelation to shake the foundations of the potential deal was a debt owed to Full Tilt Poker by many of its professional player spokesmen, including the like of Phil Ivey; collectively, the professional players are thought to owe the company between $10 and $20 million.

Although the acquisition of the company has been extremely difficult, Bernard Tapie Group lawyer, Behnam Dayanim, has recently said that it is his belief that a satisfactory conclusion can be reached. Mr Dayanim recently spoke in an interview with popular publication Poker Listings, saying: “I would characterize my view as positive."

“We are reasonably optimistic we can get this deal done over the next few weeks,” he added.

Despite the reassurance, Mr Dayanim also made a point of highlighting the fact that there was still a great deal more work to be done before the sale of Full Tilt Poker could be finalised.

“Any time you’re dealing with a company in distress, understanding the financial position of the company is incredibly important,” commented the French investment group's lawyer.

The latest bits of new concerning the sale of the fallen online poker provider have stirred up much ill-feeling amongst both critics of the company and former players alike; both of whom will be keeping a close eye on further developments as they continue to arise.

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