Nevada aims to emerge victorious in America's “Online Poker Arms Race”

Anybody who has been keeping track of the latest developments concerning online poker in the United States will be well aware that it is an incredibly contentious issue...

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Despite the fact that there is still a raging argument over whether or not online poker will be legalised in America, the state of Nevada has 'thrown its hat into the ring' by vowing that it will be the first of the American states to offer legalised online poker to its citizens.

The news comes as the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Mr Mark Lipparelli, has recently confirmed in an interview with a popular online gambling publication that both online operators with licenses, as well as the proper technical systems needed could both in place and operational within the state by the closing stages of this year.

According to Mr Lipparelli, operators acting under the new system being established within Nevada will be able to operate without the need for any additional legislation – this will be as a result of the state's approval for licenses.

“The process from here will see licence applicants appearing on our public agendas in May/June.  For the successful licence applicants, the last step in turning the systems on will be a technical evaluation, and although we’re not certain how long this process will take, it’s plausible, even likely, that you’ll see the first set of systems approved for initial deployment by the fall.” commented Mr Lipparelli.

It is thought that filing of the licenses for new operators is due to commence during late Spring to Summer of 2012; this has fuelled speculation that legal online poker could be witnessed within Nevada by the end of this year, should all things stay on the course they are currently on.

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