Poker enthusiasts eagerly anticipate new poker themed movie

The global poker community is abuzz with the news that one of the most eagerly anticipated poker themed movies to come along in years is finally nearing the closing stages of its completion...

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The title of the long awaited poker movie is 'All In'; this apt title promises to deliver a movie that will both 'enlighten and entertain' – though the producers of the film have already issued a warning to die-hard poker fans, saying that its aim is not to reveal secrets about poker.

At its core, the film is a series of interviews with prominent names within the world of professional poker; it also documents the history this incredibly popular game, right up until modern times. As well as this, the movie also takes a critical look at the culture that currently surrounds the world of professional poker, discussing its limitations and current problems concerning its future growth. In particular, the movie spends a great deal of time discussing the current state of professional poker with some its most recognisable names; among those who provide their expert insight into the issues raised by the new movie include: Phil Helmuth, Vanessa Rousso, Isabelle Mercier, Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson, Danial Negreanu and Phil Laak.

In addition to the views of seasoned professionals, the movie also catches up with Chris Moneymaker; it spends time chronicling his unlikely story (as an unlikely victor in the 2003 World Series of Poker), as well as asking if it is possible for other rank amateurs to follow in his footsteps.

Hollywood star Matt Damon also features in the movie, sharing his insight on the classic poker movie 'Rounders'.

While no official release date has yet been issued for 'All In', there has been a great deal of rumours which suggest it could be available within the early stages of 2012.

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