Alderney Gambling Control Commission release independent report on Full Tilt Poker

The online poker community had an enormous shadow cast over it last year due to the fall of the popular operator Full Tilt Poker; over a year later and the incident has still not been fully put to bed...

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The fall of what was formerly the world's second largest online poker provider caused a great deal of debate and discussion amongst both the online poker community and industry.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) were initially responsible for providing Full Tilt Poker with their gaming license; this led to a great many question being asked about how exactly such a seemingly unscrupulous poker provider managed to attain such an apparently high level of accreditation. The AGCC is widely believed to be amongst the top licensee distributors amongst the entire online gambling industry; however, it came under heavy criticism for its association with the Full Tilt Poker debacle. In order to try and counteract such a negative association, the AGCC has now published a full independent report of its findings following an investigation into the event.

The review was undertaken on behalf of the AGCC by Peter Dean CBE (the former chairman of the British Gambling Commission); Mr Dean performed a systematic review of the events which unfolded last year, which included staging many interviews with some of the saga's key figures.

It appears as though the reviews findings absolve the AGCC of any responsibility regarding the events surrounding the fall of Full Tilt Poker.

Mr Dean recently commented on the review, saying: "My opinion overall is that AGCC fulfilled its statutory obligations in relation to FTP and that its actions were appropriate, timely and fair."

“We wanted to reassure ourselves, and those who take an interest in our activities, that should mistakes have been made then we would recognize them, and if lessons could be learned that we would learn them." added Andre Wilsenach of the AGCC.

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