888 prepare to move into the United States market

The world of online gambling is one of change currently within the United States; that changes even looks to include some fresh faces amongst the market...

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888 are one of the most successful online gaming operators around; it now appears as though they are aiming to move into what could be the largest market in the world – if potential legalisation of online gambling goes ahead.

The issue of whether or not online gambling will be legalised within the United States has been a much discussed one, both by gaming industry members and legislators within America. Despite the issue being a fiercely contested one (particularly in some of the more conservative states), many analysts agree that it is looking highly likely that online gambling will be legalised within the country within the near future.

The United Kingdom's leading online poker operator has said that they are hoping to enter the gaming market within the United States; it would not be the first occasion that the company would have been established within the country, and would mark a re-entry for them. 888 originally left the tense market following a crackdown against online gambling by the United States Government.

Despite this, 888's chief executive officer, Brian Mattingley, has recently told digital media outlets that he is extremely hopeful that Nevada will be the earliest of America's states to establish licensed intrastate poker.

“Brian Mattingley … has overseen the hugely successful re-launch of Poker 6, a pick up in new active customers and launch into Italy.” commented Canaccord Genuity analyst, Simon Davies.

It has already been predicted that 888 will be one of the strongest contenders within the United States poker market; this is largely due to their proven success in the United Kingdom, and their strong outing while initially being in the American market.

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