PokerStars to buy Full Tilt PokerStars

The story of disgraced online poker operator Full Tilt Poker is one that comes with a seemingly endless array of twists and turns of the tale; it appears that the shocks have not dried up, as further developments come to light...

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Since the incidents of 'Black Friday' saw Full Tilt Poker indicted by the United States Government, there has been a great deal of speculation as to whether a deal could be struck for the sale of the world's former second-largest online poker operator.

For many months it had been rumoured that there would be a possible sale to Groupe Bernard Tapie; however, it appears that the stipulations laid out by the French investment group have not been met – leaving a deal between the two companies lifeless.

Now it seems as though the biggest name in online poker – PokerStars – has decided to step into the void; they have apparently struck a deal with the United States Department of Justice, which could see them end up as the new owners of what used to be their biggest rivals in the online poker sector.

The deal will allegedly see both operators return to the online poker market and be ran independently; it is also thought that players at Full Tilt Poker will receive the money that was frozen in their accounts (around $330 million), while the remainder of the funds ($420 million) will be used to settle up with the United States Department of Justice.

Despite the hoard of new information that has found its way into the public domain, there has still yet to be any word on what the fate of the indicted individuals at Full Tilt Poker will be.

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